Company Profile

DOME GALAXY is a comprehensive cultural industry conglomerate that integrates cross-border MCN, IP creation, short video commercialization, live-streaming e-commerce, and training, with the ability to incubate the entire industry chain.

DOME is a pioneer in Southeast Asia’s TikTok MCN operation, with over 7,000 contracted top-tier anchor talents and a total fan base of over 1 billion across various online platforms. DOME has complete capabilities in creating internet celebrities and managing traffic operations. It has over 1,000 KOLs from countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as a complete team for live-streaming sales operations and integrated social media marketing. It can provide corresponding social media marketing services for corporate brands.



DOME作为东南亚Tiktok MCN运营机构的先行者,签约优质主播达人矩阵超过7000人,全网粉丝总量超10亿,DOME拥有完整的网红打造和流量运营能力,旗下拥有1000多位马来西亚、菲律宾、新加坡、泰国等国家的KOL,拥有完整的直播带货运营团队和社交媒体整合营销团队。可以为企业品牌提供相应的社交媒体营销服务。

Overseas Branch

DOME has registered and established Domi Entertainment branches in four Southeast Asian countries and set up live streaming bases. Among them, the largest overseas headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and the construction has been completed.




Domi DOME MCN is an official partner of TikTok. It has long been the official MCN in the Southeast Asian region ranked in the top 3.

多米DOME MCN是TikTok官方合作伙伴长期位于东南亚地区官方MCN前3名。

Domi STAR MCN has long been ranked locally in Malaysia ranked in the top 3.

多米STAR MCN 长期位于马来西亚当地排名前3名。

Domi DOMI TAP has long been ranked locally in Malaysia ranked in the top 2.

多米 DOMI TAP长期位于马来西亚当地排名前2名。

With its extensive influence, Domi DOME was honored with the “Emerging Cross-border Talent Agency” and “Gold Cross-border Talent Alliance” awards at the 2022 TikTok official selection.

多米DOME 凭借着广泛的影响力,荣获2022年TikTok 官方评选的“新锐跨境达人机构” “金牌跨境达人联盟“年度大奖。

DOME Service Brand