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DOME GALAXY TECHNOLOGY is a comprehensive cultural industry conglomerate that incorporating with cross-border Multi-channel Network (MCN), Tiktok IP account creation, commercial short video, live-streaming sale, training, and with the ability to incubate the entire industry chain. DOME is a pioneer in Southeast Asia’s TikTok MCN operation, with over 7,000 contracted top-tier anchor talents and a total fan base of over 1 billion across various online platforms. DOME has complete capabilities in creating internet celebrities and managing traffic operations.


多米星海是一家集跨境MCN、IP打造、短视频商业化、直播电商与培训为一体具有全产业链孵化能力的综合性文化产业集团公司。 多米作为东南亚Tiktok MCN运营机构的先行者,签约优质主播达人矩阵超过7000人,全网粉丝总量超10亿,多米拥有完整的网红打造和流量运营能力。



2022 TikTok Official Selection

Golden TAP



2022 TikTok Official Selection

Rising Star (MCN)



TikTok Official 9.9 Promotion in 2022

9.9 Promotion TOP4 (MCN)



Our Business Model


Why Work with Us


Dome Galaxy Techlogy has extensive experience and knowledge in TikTok, particularly in the platform’s algorithms. We possess expertise in creating popular short videos, managing video and live broadcast matrices. We have collaborated with government resources to build a “sea-crossing park,” partnered with universities to establish industry-university-research incubation bases, and utilized overseas resources to set up warehouses and live broadcast bases in Southeast Asian countries.

Dome Galaxy Techlogy 在 TikTok 方面拥有丰富的经验和知识,尤其是在该平台底层算法方面。 我们拥有制作热门短视频、管理视频和直播矩阵的专业知识。 我们联合政府资源建设“跨海园区”,与高校合作建立产学研孵化基地,利用海外资源在东南亚国家设立仓库和直播基地。

Resource Advantage #1
资源优势 #1

政府资源:合作共建“海跨园”; 高校资源:与多所高校合作共建产学研孵化基地; 海外资源:东南亚多国建立海外仓,直播基地。

Technical Advantage #2技术优势 #2

深耕抖音,TikTok多年,深谙平台底层算法,拥有爆款短视频拍摄、短视频矩阵, 直播间矩阵等技术。

Talent Advantage #3
人才优势 #3

与多所高校建立“产学研人才孵化基地”, 拥有源源不断的专业型人才; 拥有海外当地7000+KOL达人优势资源人才。

Supply Chain Advantage #4
供应链优势 #4

供应链:依托7000+达人优势,与国内 商家建立紧密合作关系,打造“跨境店” 和“本土店”供应链基地。

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